Life is just a series of moments.If you miss the moments,you miss your life.

– Robin Sharma


I’m Back

Fantasy Series

I’ve been on hiatus for around three months and have been posting sporadically during those months prior to that. I got extremely busy with my full time work, postgraduate studies and art school. A lot of people think I’m a little bit crazy to have done that. And yes, there have been moments when I recognized my creative insanity. But hey I survived and I am happy (which is a really good thing).

This post is not going to be about why I disappeared in the blogging world for a while. This is about me saying “I’m still here”.  I miss blogging. I’m now overwhelmed with that kind of feeling similar to what I have for that special cup of coffee that I haven’t had for a couple of months because I was away for my holiday. I miss myself doing this. And it’s good to be back.

Last week I did a photography project with a friend who was kind enough to be my model. She is one amazing person with a fiery and highly contagious passion for creativity. To Kim and Budz, thank you so much!  I’ve always wanted to take photos of someone in the woods near a river in Hutt (New Zealand) and I can’t tell you enough how ecstatic I was for having done that.

So, here are the photos for you to enjoy. Have a wonderful day everyone!

Fantasy Series

Fantasy Series

Fantasy Series

Fantasy Series

The Way

From yesterday’s preaching:

We cannot enjoy the power of the resurrection if we do not first experience the pain of crucifixion.

The way to the mountain of life goes through the valley of death.

Dr. Barry Chant, Senior Pastor, Wesley International Congregation, Sydney