Rubbish Love (A Love Letter from a Tissue Paper to a Trash Bin)

Disclaimer: This poem may be very cheesy but I’m just having fun.


Inside my own little box I patiently wait

For that moment when I am lifted up,

Gently held by her soft little fingers

As I glide in the air with excitement

And finally touching her delicate face

Then get soaked by her warm tears.

Just knowing that I am there for her

At times when she wants to be alone

Is such bliss that I don’t really care

Even if she blows her nose on me

Or use me to anything and everything

Whenever she wants to clean something;

Even if the smell isn’t particularly nice,

I don’t care.

If that’s what it takes to make her happy

I will do anything and everything

Just to be with her.

But as all love stories that are too good to be true

We can’t be together forever.

When she’s already happy

She no longer thinks about me.

It appears that she only needs me

When she’s in agony, anxious and itchy

For me it’s not fair…

But I guess that’s what they call fate.

And I don’t like it.

I know I don’t need to tell you this

But as you’ve seen I’ve been dumped many times.

Sometimes the pain is just too much

And I am so messed up to cry.

I felt worthless and used

That I wish I were someone… or rather something else

Honey, it took me a while to realize

That despite all those rejections

Someone with a big heart

Was ready to accept me.

When you see me fall

I knew you wanted to catch me.

And every single time you catch me

You never let me go.

Even if I’m crumpled and dirty

I am still the star in your universe.

I don’t care anymore

If she uses me in anything and everything

If that’s what it takes to be with you.

I may have not liked my fate

But I would do everything and anything

Just to be in your world.

I know it’s weird but I choose

To be grateful for her.

For without her I would never be with you.

You are a wonderful blessing

And I believe you are my destiny.

Though not everyone has realized it

I already knew deep in my heart

That, in the end,

We are always meant for each other.

And I love that.

Kris Ancog


With You

Your eyes

Speak the words

Eloquently uttered

Through silence.

Your heart

Speaks the language

That eases

The deepest of hurts.

Your voice

Echoes the melody

Of the song of life,

Subtle but full of hope.

Your touch

Is a lasting testimony

That in this journey

I am not alone.

Kris Ancog




To be exceptional

Is to be basic

And embrace the ordinary



To be strong

Is not to do something

In the season of waiting



To be authentic

Is to say no

And avoid resentment



To have faith

Is to be quiet

And speak through actions



To gain victory

Is to rise

After falling many times



To be joyful

Is to let the tears fall

And not hold on too tightly



To be rich

Is to appreciate what you have

Rather than having some more



To be successful

Is to stop trying

And develop healthy striving



To be the best

Is to be imperfect

And still believe that you are enough

Kris Ancog

Beautiful Gift


Faith is like the wind

Unseen through the eyes

But tells you when it’s there.

It turns dreams

Into reality

It takes the impossible

Into the world of possibilities

It refreshes the soul

And touches the heart

It makes you go on

Even if the world says

It is insanity to carry on

It leads to victory

In the midst of vulnerability

It gives you joy

And cheers you up

When tears start to flow

It brings life

It brings miracles

It is a beautiful gift

From the heavens above

Kris Ancog