The Story of Mysteria Lucis

Mysteria Lucis (Oil on Canvas)

It was quite overwhelming just looking at the signage that had my name and exhibition title on it at the Thistle Hall Gallery. That was the moment I felt I finally reached my dream.  Five years back I was only imagining how it would be like to have my work displayed on a gallery and call myself an “artist”. Indeed I am so much blessed to be in position to tell a story of achievement by the grace of God.

 At Thistle Hall Gallery

So here I am today on the 6th day of my one-week show named “Mysteria Lucis: Unraveling the Mysteries of Light” – a body of work heavily inspired by the light we perceive in nature. It is my way of telling those stories that are familiar yet infrequently revisited – stories we keep in our hearts but remind us of our longing for higher things in life.

As an artist, I always believed that part of my purpose for existing is sharing the gifts I received and celebrating life with exuberance. I am deeply grateful to the wonderful people who offered so much of themselves to help fulfill this purpose.

Thank you for joining with me in my artistic journey. If you couldn’t come to the gallery, these photos are for you.



PS: You can view photos of all my paintings HERE

Mysteria Lucis



Sunset Meditation


6 thoughts on “The Story of Mysteria Lucis

  1. What a great artist you are Kris. These paintings are a real delight for the eyes. Wonderfully beautiful. The first one took my breath away ! Congratulations on your exhibition, wow, a dream come true ! I would have loved to see them in person and meet you 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing them here for those of us who couldn’t go to the exhibition. Have a beautiful day and week end 🙂

    • Hi Jocelyne, thanks for your kind words. It is very humbling to receive such a wonderful compliment. Painting is one of those things I am really passionate about and it is a blessing to be in a position to share something beautiful and inspiring to the world.

  2. Hey there Kris, I had the pleasure of stumbling across your exhibition at Thistle Hall in Wellington. Really beautiful work! I was absolutely delighted, and very moved by your landscapes. Your use of light and textures with the oils is inspiring and the movement in your paintings captivating!

    • Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for appreciating my work. It was such a pleasure to share my work to everyone and I’m glad my paintings were able to connect with you just the way I wanted my art to create an impact to the viewers. Your comment really made my day. Thank you once again.

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