With a bleeding heart

And a broken soul,

My body turned into stone

Gradually swallowed

By the rising waters

Of the river of sorrow.

My eyes refuse to open

For they know

That darkness is better

Than seeing

What is real and painful.

Nevertheless, I looked up

Above the heavens.

And you showed your mercy

Like a glowing ember

In a pitch black night.

A glimpse of hope

And sufficient strength

You gave me

Until I saw the first light

Breaking into a new morning.

You lifted me up

And made me fly

Like the great eagle

Soaring above the thunder.

I am no longer afraid

Because I know deep within

That healing and comfort

Would come even from

The smallest of faith.

Kris Ancog


6 thoughts on “Daybreak

  1. I’ve been away for some time, I limit my WP moves to my photo of the day.
    But I’m on vacation, since 18h30GMT and first blog I see is yours amazing painting and words.
    Thank you for sharing. I had a hard day, your post touched me.

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