You Know Me


You know me

More than I know my name.

You could search my heart

And even see the emptiness

I’d rather not know.

You  have seen my worst,

My filth and my imperfections.

Yet you still picked me up

As though I was a lost precious pearl

Finally found by your mercy.

Why do I question you when I’m hurt

As if your faithfulness is not enough?

Why do I doubt your plans

As if your thoughts are not higher than mine?

Why do I deny your love

And get angry when I’m disciplined?

Why do I forget to trust you

Even if I witnessed you do the impossible?

Your patience brought me to humility

And I am eternally grateful

For your gift of redemption.

I need your grace

More than ever.

Fill me with your spirit.

Complete me with your love.

Make me live your words

That I may shine the light

That gives you glory.

Kris Ancog



Grow relentlessly

Like the trees.

They drink from the rain

As the earth feeds them.

They reach out

To the heavens,

Trusting and knowing

That they are nurtured

Just like the singing birds

Perching on their branches.

They soar up high

Into great heights

Yet they keep their roots

Deeply planted

On the same ground.

– Kris Ancog


Be Wrecked


Everyone in this world is searching. Each of us is searching for something to give meaning to life. To bring purpose to our work. We all know this; we’re familiar with this emptiness, this longing for more.

Jeff Goins from his boook Wrecked

Just read the first chapter and I’m loving it.


With a bleeding heart

And a broken soul,

My body turned into stone

Gradually swallowed

By the rising waters

Of the river of sorrow.

My eyes refuse to open

For they know

That darkness is better

Than seeing

What is real and painful.

Nevertheless, I looked up

Above the heavens.

And you showed your mercy

Like a glowing ember

In a pitch black night.

A glimpse of hope

And sufficient strength

You gave me

Until I saw the first light

Breaking into a new morning.

You lifted me up

And made me fly

Like the great eagle

Soaring above the thunder.

I am no longer afraid

Because I know deep within

That healing and comfort

Would come even from

The smallest of faith.

Kris Ancog