Dare to ask

The questions.

Do not wander

When you wonder.

For the answers

Lie deep within.

Be still.

Carry on seeking.

And you will find

That they’ve been there

The whole time.

Kris Ancog


Moments of solitude

Are sometimes

What we need

To make possible

The revelation of

The Higher Purpose

Of our existence.

In quietness and

Full surrender,

Be in harmony

With yourself.

May you find

The small measure

Of peace

That holds the truth

And the essential.

When you finally

See things brightly,

Let love transcend

From the purity of

Your soul

And be the light

To those who

Are yet seeking.

Kris Ancog




In the face of shame

And vulnerability

Listen to that little voice

That says,

“I’m good enough.”

Release those doubts

That corrode your spirit.

Confront your fears

And have the courage to say,

“I can do this!”

For a beautiful tomorrow

Awaits to those who hope;

To those who do not give up

And to those who keep the faith.

– Kris Ancog