Finding the Burning Bush


In the midst of turmoil

I tremble

As my silent tears

Flow from my weary eyes.

Then I saw

The burning bush

And heard your voice

That said

I have not given you

The spirit of fear…

I am with you

And will not forsake you.

So even in the valley of danger

I will carry on walking…



And trusting

That you are faithful

To fulfill

Your promises.

Your word



Kris Ancog


10 thoughts on “Finding the Burning Bush

  1. I love your unique way of overexposing your images. I’ll have to attempt this myself. I tend to aim for quality saturations, but this would be a breath of fresh air in my collections to play of your post editing. Keep up the good work! ~Scott

    • Hey Scott, thanks for your comment. I tend to overexpose a little bit when I do my photos as it seems to work well when I’m post processing them. I’m glad my work gave you a bit of an inspiration for something different to try. Keep on shooting.

      • Thanks for that tip. I played with the idea yesterday at a photo shoot. They turned out okay, but not near the quality of your shots. Maybe if I read a few articles on the subject they will get better, but I’ll have to share my attempts with you once I’m done editing. Thanks again for the tip

        • It would be great to see your shots. What I normally do to get that slightly overexposed effect is going for the biggest aperture of my lens (f/1.8 with my 50mm) and just adjusting the shutter speed until I get the result I wanted. With nature subjects (e.g. plants, branches, flowers) I always use natural light with the lowest ISO possible. When I post process my photos, I normally use curves and color balance to achieve the tone I wanted.

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