The Season of Waiting

When I started my 101 Contemplative Photography Project, I chose the photo of those green buds for my first post. During that time I knew that I needed to wait for a few months before I could see how beautiful the flowers will be when they are ready to bloom.

Nature taught me that good things are worth waiting for.

Even my own spiritual journey led me to one of the very important lessons in life – waiting upon the Lord.

There will be times when to be strong in the Lord is to resist manipulating things and just stand still, knowing that God is readying and accomplishing something we may not be able to see. Waiting upon the Lord is NOT doing nothing.  It is patiently and prayerfully trusting Him that He knows exactly what He is doing, He is protecting us, He is acting on our behalf, and His timing is always perfect – not too early but never too late.

For when you did awesome things

that we did not expect,

you came down,

and the mountains trembled before you.

Since ancient times,

no one has heard,

no ear has perceived,

 no eye has seen any God besides you,

who acts on behalf

of those who WAIT for Him.

Isaiah 64:3-4, NIV

Have a  blessed Good Friday everyone!

Kris | The Terrible Artist


9 thoughts on “The Season of Waiting

  1. Ah wow!namuwak na..kita najud mi sa flowers niya..nice! 1 year kapin pod tawn mi naghuwat,hahahah!

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