Citrus Love


As you close your eyes tonight

Let my love enswathe you

As I hold your hands tight

Let my faithful heart tell you

“I don’t know what the future will bring

Yet I am so certain of just one thing

I love you and I’ll love you ‘till eternity”

Kris Ancog


12 thoughts on “Citrus Love

    • LOL! Based on experience, sweet words (spoken/written with sincerity of course) is like a fireplace that brings warmth to a lady’s heart. Thanks for your comment Bashar..

  1. ahem… lol.. Very good Kris. I have sort of taken a Sabbatical from the blog world, haha.. But opening up to this is pretty inspirational. Keep up the great work Kris! And your faith is matchless in this day and age. You’re really one of the few I know who really TRUSTS in our good GOD!

    • Hi Steph, thanks for this comment. You made my day! He he he…Seriously, I’m so glad that my work brings inspiration. It’s how I wanted it to be. Trusting the Lord is all I wanted to do because I know that I can leave all consequences to Him when I do that. And I’m SO happy that I have a faithful God who fulfills every promise He makes. God bless you too!

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