With outstretched arms

My heart cries

For great is the desolation

That we have caused

What have we done?

Where are the trees?

The flowers refuse to bloom

The air suffocates my lungs

Lives in starvation

Death is born

What have we NOT done?

I’m on my knees

Gently kissing the earth

As I whisper a promise

That I will do something

Even just a little thing

To heal the land

That is my home

And protect

The beauty that’s left

For my children to see

Kris Ancog


7 thoughts on “Desolation

    • I chose that monochromatic effect to create a gloomy and somber mood. This was taken in Waikanae Beach here in New Zealand.

      If the day is beautiful I can’t see any reason why you shouldn’t have fun in the beach with your camera. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos you would come up. I’m sure they’ll be wonderful. I’m ready to hit the like button.

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