Autumnal Days


Letting go may not happen in a day or two. Sometimes the heart decides to hold on for a little while the way a tree refuses to let go of its leaves when summer is about to end. When the autumn wind starts to blow, the tree will finally let go – so does the heart when the power of love and forgiveness triumph. Because it knows that time has come to leave things behind, trusting and believing that it is a necessary process to embrace the next season of growth and maturity.

Kris Ancog


2 thoughts on “Autumnal Days

    • Thanks for appreciating my work Bashar. Yes, I wrote those words. I do not write a lot but I love spending time contemplating and finding meaning in almost every little thing in my life. When I was 14 I had the desire to write but was having trouble putting my ideas into powerful words. In short, I was terrible when it comes to writing. It was so hard at first but I just carried on. It gets easier as you keep on doing it though. I read a lot as well – which gives me the opportunity to appreciate the works of good writers. I believe you can be a good writer when you write from your heart and make writing as part of your life. You have wonderful photos on your blog – sharp, brilliant and stunning.

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