In your dreams may I be there

Where the full moon beams

Behind the naked trees

As I lay you on the grass

Whilst the yellow flowers sing

The serenade of love

That forever brings bliss

Kris Ancog


New Morning

My hands are bruised

My tears have dried up

My eyes are too tired to open

Unwilling to have another glimpse

Of this protracted agony


I’ve been fighting

So hard

But I have lost the battle

I tried once more

And lost again


I longed to see the light

And now it’s here

Yes, hope is here!

I can see the morning sun

Rising with all its radiance

Bringing warmth to a broken heart

And refreshing a  wretched soul


Let my spirit be renewed

Be strengthened O my soul

For I have seen the light

Of the new morning

I may have lost the battle

But I am going to win the war!

Kris Ancog