101/101 | The Gift of Connection | End of 101 Contemplative Photography Project


Just realizing that this is my final post for the project is enough to make me a bit emotional. That’s why it took me a while to write this post.  I achieved my goals. And YES it feels so good! However, my heart is filled with wistful longing – knowing that I am going to miss the excitement of posting something under 101 Contemplative Photography.

I remember the day when I came up with the idea of starting this project.  I prepared myself for a yearlong reflective journey on photography and writing.  All I wanted was growth and sense of fulfillment, which I now have. However, I never expected that this project could bring great blessings into my life.

The Wonders of Wisdom

101 Contemplative Photography is about “finding meaning in the face of seeming insignificance.” And this project is a testimony that everything around us can teach us lessons and reveal the truths we all need. I never thought that pegs could teach me faith, grass could teach me persistence, a mushroom could teach me watchfulness. It was beyond my expectation that plants could teach me contentment, roses could teach me about graceful ageing, trees could teach me how to deal with rejection, and flowers could show me the most enchanting beauty of all. It is a privilege to receive wisdom from the most unexpected things. Indeed, it is in the ordinary where we find the purest of beauty and the greatest of joy.

The Value of Persistence

There were many times when I was tempted to abandon this project. Those were the moments when my blog stats seemed to tell me in a very subtle but painful way that there’s no point in finishing it. It wasn’t every encouraging when I felt like nobody seemed to care. Yet I believed in the beauty of contemplative photography and there were people who had the courage to tell me that my work brought inspiration to them. They gave me a bigger reason to show up and pour my heart in every photo I post. 101 Contemplative Photography was no longer just MY project. Instead, it became OUR project. And that’s because they gave me the opportunity to touch their lives without me realizing until recently that they touched mine as well.

The Gift of Connection

If what I’m doing here is just for and about me, you would never have the chance to read this blog. I believe in loving connection as the essence of our existence. We are here for each other. And I am here to share to you the gift that God gave me. To each one of you who followed, visited, commented on, and shared my blog/101 Contemplative Photography, I say THANK YOU.  I want you to know that you have become my family and I am so blessed to have journeyed with you.

Till OUR next project.

Kris | the Terrible Artist


6 thoughts on “101/101 | The Gift of Connection | End of 101 Contemplative Photography Project

  1. A very splendid heart-warming talent!
    Thanks for inspiring a lot of people with this project and your stories..May you have many more projects to come. To God be the glory! 🙂

    • I thank the Lord for everything He has done to bring this project into completion. And I thank you for your support from the very first photo I posted until this time. You were one of those people who believed in me and in my project and I am so grateful that God sent you to encourage me. To God be the glory!

  2. Congrats with achieving your goal! Well done! 🙂 a lovely project it was and with so many wonderful photos. Love this one too. 🙂

    • Inga, I am so grateful for all your likes and comments on the many posts I’ve published under this project. It’s great to have you here!

  3. I arrived late to the project, but very much enjoy what I have seen of it so far. Congratulations on finishing a wonderful project that I’m sure has touched many. 🙂

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