067/101 | My Sorrowful Lullaby

Few years ago, I was curious about the emotions of someone who goes through a difficult experience of losing a child through miscarriage or abortion. I heard stories of unborn children and I wonder how it truly feels to be one of those parents out there who suffered the loss of their precious one. This curiosity led me to compose an original poem. And I want to combine it with photography as I share to you the product of my imagination and exploration of human feelings.

I am hopeful that that this poem somehow becomes the voice of those mothers who lost their little “angels”. And maybe – just maybe – we can have a bit of understanding on their lamentations. Of course this wasn’t derived from a personal experience but rather from a collection of learning I received from those who fearlessly shared their own stories to me (and I give them my huge respect and admiration for making it through the dark moments of their lives).


My Sorrowful Lullaby


Too soon you came my little one

And the world couldn’t welcome you

Perhaps you didn’t hear me whisper,

“Hang on for just a little while, my dear.”


Now you are here as you slithered in haste

So I held you gently, carefully and lovingly

But before I could say I love you

You were gone and have left me


I long to see your smile

Yet your face I could hardly see

Your voice I long to hear

But I know you couldn’t speak


Let my tears bathe your fragile skin

Let me warm your cold body with my touch

If only I could breathe for you, my precious one

If only I could


My soul weeps, my spirit wails

I’m falling apart my little baby

As I whisper again with a painful goodbye

As I sing to you my sorrowful lullaby


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