061/101 | Sense of Purpose

The man walked down the main street in his town. He saw beggars, cripples, and people in a state of misery. Unable to live with so much suffering, he implored to heaven above: “God, how can you love human beings so much and at the same time do nothing for those who are suffering?”

“I did something for them,” a voice said. “I made you.”

– The Reason for Being Here by Gregory Corrigan

The powerful message of this story reminds me that I exist not only to achieve my highest potential but also to create loving connections with people. It doesn’t always have to be helping strangers and feeding the hungry. Sometimes, we just have to look around and be sensitive with what others are going through. It is not necessarily giving advice and telling people how to solve their problems. Sometimes, all we need to do is listen with all our hearts and just be there for them.

Be kind. Share the love.

– The Terrible Artist


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