058/101 | The Rubik’s Cube

Sometimes I wish life were as perfect as this.

But l learned that we can fully appreciate what it is to live when we have those little imperfections that enable us to experience joy, creativity, gratitude and love.

And those things that give us real joy are, surprisingly, not things. They come in a form of good memories spent with those people who hold special seats in our hearts. They are the things that may be insignificant for others but mean a world to us.

I once looked after a critically ill patient with a couple of kids hovering around his bedside, telling him that they can’t wait to watch DVDs together and eat his favorite Timtam biscuits – if only he wakes up. Watching movies together may seem ordinary (and even uninteresting) for many of us. But having no more chance to do it with the people we love can be one of the most excruciating experiences you’ll ever have.

There are many times when we make ourselves too busy with what to achieve and what to possess. Then all of the sudden, when we face our own mortality, we get stunned on how we failed to notice that the ordinary things we commonly ignored are actually the ones that matter to us.

Sometimes we always assume that our family and friends are always there. We don’t do silly things to hurt them, yes. But have we done enough things to make them feel how important they are to us? How many greeting cards did we forget to mail? How many little requests from them have we considered not the highest priority? Are they even aware that we love and care for them that much? They seem to be always there. But, unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

I’m not saying you necessarily have to tell them words that make them think you’re drugged. All we have to do is make them feel what we truly feel for them. And then you’ll see that love, indeed, makes the world go round.

– The Terrible Artist

What are your ways of making family and friends feel that they are important in your life?


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5 thoughts on “058/101 | The Rubik’s Cube

  1. mao jud..and because we always see them everyday,mura na bitaw na take for granted..true pod nang we see the importance of things and people when we lose them.. I think the cheapest and the most basic thing that we need to do is to communicate with them..that’s how i make people around me feel important..and i think the world’s desperate need is for friends and family to communicate..talk about many things,events,frustrations,joys etc. then laugh together,encourage and comfort each other kay through it people will get a sense of connection and after connection is the feeling of acceptance and love..di ba?

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