056/101 | Catharsis

I’m still here.

I know I haven’t posted even a single photo for one month. It feels awful just realizing that I let it happen. This is one of those times when I begin questioning my commitment and passion for this project. I could give you a long list of excuses but I’d rather not. I wanted to recognize my shortcomings and I am regretful for my lack of discipline.

Now I’m back. And I am determined to carry on.

Here’s my 56th photo – starring my journals.

Many years ago, a friend gave me a suggestion to start writing a journal. She told me it is something I will enjoy and be grateful for especially at times when I need to let out those feelings and thoughts that I may find uncomfortable sharing. It was a nice idea so I gave it a go.

And she was right.

Journaling is therapeutic at the same time cathartic. It is my way of making sense when things don’t make sense. It allows me to be completely honest with myself and express that honesty without fear of being misunderstood. Writing the truth and my vulnerabilities – no matter how painful and shameful they may be – always give me strength and help me find a sense of peace. It is one of the ways where I embrace authenticity, which further develops self-awareness and self-discovery.

Speaking of truth and honesty, I’d like to share these words of wisdom by author Maria Housden from her book Hannah’s Gift:

Truth is fierce and unrelenting. We cannot change it, but we can change the way we live with it. Making mistakes, not being loved, and dying are inescapable experiences of being human; so is our fear of them. When we are willing to do the best we can with what we know, to be honest with ourselves and others about who we are and what really matters to us, only then are the lives we live and the love we receive truly our own.

How does journal writing help you?


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3 thoughts on “056/101 | Catharsis

  1. tinood jud ni!..every time i read my old diaries..i feel like mura ko ga time travel sa past and it makes me remember the things na if wala pa nako na-write,perhaps di na tali ko kenumdum,and those things,experiences and people i’ve written down were a treasure..then makatawa rasad ko..it’s therapeutic! especially when you see how God has moved your life from what you were before sa karon and it leaves us the feeling of excitement as to what would be the experiences and people na imo ma meet in the future that would become a part sa imo diary or journal…some of the things that surprised me each time i read pages of my 1st and 2nd diary were the things i was dreaming to have many years ago na i forgot already nga i was hoping to get it diay then i came to have it after 8 and 10 years!.. the primary reason why i write journals everyday since 1st year college was actually i was thinking that when i get old and get “ango-ango” someone like my grandchild would read it to me! hahah-funny pero as time goes by-i realized rapod na it’s really therapeutic and so my daily ritual continues and it has become a part of my life rapod… My diaries are my most treasured jewels! Ordinary notebooks can turn out to be our best friends na ready all the time to listen,to remind and to encourage.

  2. Aileen, thanks for encouraging me to put my experiences into writing. That was many years ago but I still remember your words. If there is a special award for those people who write their diaries diligently you would sure get a big trophy. Your persistence is infectious and you have really inspired me to carry on writing.

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