055/101 | When Love Hurts

I find it ironic how a lot people say that love hurts when after all it is the source of joy and happiness. Is it really love that hurts us?

I always believe that the essence of our existence lies on the connection we have towards ourselves, to the people around us, to the universe, and (for us Christians and the spiritual) to the God who made us. Without these connections we struggle for purpose and meaning. What gives us the ability to connect is this great power we have within ourselves: love. And the moment we get disconnected, we experience rejection and pain.

I believe it is not love that hurts us. It’s disconnection that comes in a form of betrayal, rejection, uncaring words and actions, abandonment, greed, pride, lies, malice and hatred. In short, we get hurt when we feel we are not loved. People react to disconnections in many ways. Many of us get angry and jealous. Others become pessimistic, unforgiving, bitter or embarrassed.

But it is only through love that we are able to forgive, trust and hope. Love gives us the power to practice gratitude and authenticity in our lives. Love embraces truth and redeems us from the corrosive and painful consequences of bitterness and hatred. Love is the one that heals our wounded souls.

I took this photo inside a car and the glass window obviously stopped me from seeing the real thing. Sunrise is supposed to be beautiful but in here it is simply a silhouette of something nice. Just like love. All of us have been hurt and experienced rejections. And from those experiences we tend to form our own understanding of love. However, we can never change the truth that love is wonderful. It only becomes unattractive and dangerous when we see it with a disconnected and imprisoned heart.

Free yourself. Love wholeheartedly.

– The Terrible Artist


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