053/101 | Be Careful

This photo makes me think of a burger. But of course it’s not a burger. It’s a mushroom and it is treated poisonous here in New Zealand. Honestly, the color makes it look delicious and edible –perhaps most especially for kids who have no idea about the toxins they contain.

Each time I look at this photo, I am reminded of some things in life that are seemingly attractive but definitely not good for us because they may cause harm. Here are some examples:

  • Working excessive hours to get more money only to spend all the money to restore health.
  • Eating high caloric foods without restraint only to regret later on for becoming morbidly obese.
  • Spending too much on the latest fashion only to get stressed when the credit card bills arrive.
  • Facebooking the whole day only to be haunted by unfinished tasks that are more important.
  • Partying too hard only to get bedbound the next day, dehydrated, vomiting, plus having embarrassing memories as a bonus.
  • Gossiping passionately only to accumulate more enemies than friends.
  • Bragging endlessly about accomplishments only to look pathetic in the eyes of many.

What I want to share here is this:

Be careful. Be self-controlled. Otherwise, you’ll get poisoned by those seemingly edible but toxic things that life may offer you.

– The Terrible Artist


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2 thoughts on “053/101 | Be Careful

  1. i love every bits of ur project. well done ! so sad i have a cam but havn’t really using it but you brought me back in track so i’ll gonna start pressing my shutter button.;-)

    i copy and posted this quote which i really like and i can say i can relate… hope u’l allow my.. sorry but maybe by the time you are reading this i have posted it.;-)

    • Mutya, thank you so much for commenting on this post and for appreciating my work. Photography has changed my life and I am certain it will do the same thing in you when you do it with pure passion. Feel free to use the quote on this post – you are more than welcome to do that. God bless you.

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