055/101 | When Love Hurts

I find it ironic how a lot people say that love hurts when after all it is the source of joy and happiness. Is it really love that hurts us?

I always believe that the essence of our existence lies on Continue reading


054/101 | Dance of Life

“Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances.”

-Maya Angelou

I get excited to take photographs of the dancers whenever I am invited to shoot for an event like Tango Gala. It evokes in me a sense of divine exuberance just watching them gracefully gliding over the dance floor and seeing their faces with such intense passion as though nothing matters at that very moment except that magical experience from a unified motion of the body and soul. There is purity and authenticity there. And it is simply glorious when I can feel they’re dancing with all their hearts. I call it the “magic moment”.

I guess that’s the answer to our question on why some people do ordinary things yet able to create extraordinary impact to others. When we do things wholeheartedly and when serve others with love, we are able to touch lives. That’s how we can dance in life.

Try it. And experience the magic moment yourself.

– The Terrible Artist


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