052/101 | Know Your Goals

Last week I had a rare chance to speak with an old friend of mine. She was trying to make a decision about her career but can’t quite figure out which one among the two wonderful opportunities is the best. I completely understood what she was feeling. It’s not easy to make big decisions that will alter the course of your life. It puzzles us especially when people around us offer conflicting advices. Then we desire so many things that makes us even more confused because the choices right in front of us are almost equally attractive.

These are the times when I miss being a kid – when our thoughts are not so complicated and choosing between two things isn’t really difficult because we know what we want.

Yes. We knew what we want. And that’s key.

I’ve been there a few times, making big life decisions. And here’s what I learned:

Know your goals.

And prioritize them.

Knowing what you truly want will reduce the complexity of decision making. Identifying your priorities will guide you what are those things you cannot compromise. List your goals and take time to scrutinize each option whether it helps you achieve what you desire to happen. Be careful with whom you seek advice from because they may give you the answers that are based on their own preferences, unexamined assumptions, and experiences which may be different from yours. At the end of the day, it’s all about you…and the things that are important to you.

Look at the boy in the photo. He is running towards the direction of the ball because he knows his goal.

If only life were that simple (I can hear you saying it in your mind).

Well, it’s not really that bad. And that’s good.

– The Terrible Artist


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