050/101 | Lessons in Pruning

Life is too short to be consumed by the doing of inconsequential things that we’ll never remember we have completed a year from now.

As hard as it is, when life starts growing wildly in every direction, get out those shears and skillfully snip away the excess that robs your spirit of essential growth.

– From 12 Lessons on Life I Learned from my Garden by Vivian Elisabeth Glyck

Sit down and look around you – you will be amazed how much you have that you do not really need. Pause for a moment and pay careful attention to the myriad things you do – you will realize how busy you are with some unnecessary tasks. Contemplate and look inside you – you will be surprised how much baggage you carry in your heart that you can truly let go.

Share your bounty. Simplify and prioritize. Forgive and love without hesitation. Be at peace.

– The Terrible Artist


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