044/101 | Student of Life

Four things to learn in life: To think clearly without hurry or confusion; To love everybody sincerely; To act in everything with the highest motives; To trust God unhesitatingly.

– Helen Keller

I believe that, in life, we need to have moments of stillness and quietude with a heart committed to search for wisdom. It is not a waste of time or being serious and boring. It is a process of filtering and finding what is truly essential in the midst of what we see in this chaotic and corrupted world. It brings serenity and contentment that manifests in the way we treat others.

I believe that loving sincerely means loving with all our hearts in a healthy and nurturing manner. It is not simply acting based on an overwhelming emotional attachment to someone.  It is guided by wisdom, kindness, humility and pure character. It is selfless and willing to wait if necessary. It is slow to anger, always forgives and does not keep bitterness and resentment. It endures and always protects the wellbeing of the others. It chooses truth over evil.  It is not perfecting the lives of the people we love. It means celebrating each other’s uniqueness and journeying with them despite our imperfections. It is not ephemeral, selective nor conditional. It trusts, hopes and never gives up. And it stays forever.

I believe that our intention defines our action. There is a world of difference between two people doing exactly the same thing but with different intentions. Pure intention stems from a loving heart. It builds up, lifts spirits, and touches lives.

I believe that the most important connection in life is our connection with God. A life surrendered to and directed by God is a life worth living for. It is not a comfortable and easy life. However, it is fulfilling, exciting, encouraging, and supernaturally awesome. In Him we find the meaning and purpose of our existence.

– The Terrible Artist


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