041/101 | Change and Constancy

Change is not the only constant thing in this world. There are other things that do not change: Your past, the reality of you being a child of your birthparents, and the word of God.

– The Terrible Artist

We can never change our past. However, we have the power to live our present moment with love and integrity. Let go of resentment and discouragement. Take with you the lessons and joys from experience. Then we can hope a better and happier future.

We can never choose our parents because they were chosen for us. No matter what they have done or not done they will always be our parents and that will never change. Love them wholeheartedly despite their imperfections. Forgive them if need be. Embrace them with gratitude. It’s one way of finding your sense of purpose.

Heaven and earth will fade. But the word of God stands forever. That’s what I believe.


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