036/101 | All About Cats

I always wonder what this cat was thinking while I was taking a photo of her. There’s a hint of curiosity in her eyes yet she seemed about to execute that stance they do when they are ready to attack in case I made a mistake to move closer to her. To be honest I don’t know why I took this photo in the first place. And I do not know why I feel compelled to post it here.

Well, at least I now have a photo of an animal in this project.

Cats are not my favorite animals. Well, I don’t really have favorite animals. I don’t hate them though. When I try to imagine living with a cat, I instantly know it’s not something I get really excited about. I guess it’s because of their poo (if you know what I mean).

I just realized that cats can be so uncaring sometimes. They can ignore you like you’re totally uninteresting. So I was a glad this one seemed focused on me while I was taking a shot of her (or is it supposed to be ‘him’? I have no idea).

Speaking of cats’ gender, my mind always makes the assumption that they are all female. And all dogs male. Don’t you think that way? Perhaps it’s just me. Being weird.

I hope I’m not offending you guys who are cat lovers. In case I did, I’m sorry. Just sheer honesty.

There’s one more thing that I should say about cats. When they walk, they look so graceful and sexy. I reckon that’s probably why many people want to be in the catwalk.

– The Terrible Artist


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3 thoughts on “036/101 | All About Cats

  1. maybe the cat was thinking ” meow..why man ni xa nagtan-aw nako ha?” and perhaps the cat was studying you. but if ako pa ning miminga ni i would be happy jud kay na apil ko sa photography project ni kris..hahaha!

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