035/101 | Impianto

I stand here. Not there.

I am meant to be here.


Sometimes the wind is so strong.

Nevertheless, it taught me how to be firm.

And I also learned to dance.


Sometimes it’s too cold.

It’s tough.

But I learned to endure.


Sometimes it rains so hard.

It refreshed me though.

And then I grew.


Sometimes the sun is too hot.

Yet I became mature.

And I also learned to appreciate warmth.


I am a plant.

I don’t have a voice but I can speak.

I cannot walk but I do not have to be there.

Because I am supposed to be here.

I know my purpose.

This is my destiny.

I’m beautiful.

Not because that’s how I look.

But because that’s how I was made.

And I bloom.


– The Terrible Artist


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4 thoughts on “035/101 | Impianto

    • Thanks Aileen. I am hoping this can be an encouragement to anyone who thinks they are less than their worth because of the things they do not have or can’t do.

  1. this will be my 2nd most favorite poem. i feel happy jud every time i read this..maybe because sometimes i imagine that I am a wild grass on the top of the mountain..and this poem tells me that at last somebody understood my life as a grass..malipay ang mga grass and wildgrass and wildflowers ani..this poem has inspired me a lot and so with the passage of the bible in Luke 12:27-30. Thanks kris.

    • I’m glad you liked this poem and somehow it has given a voice to those feelings you have in your heart. Thank you for your comment. Keep on growing and blooming!

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