031/101 | Season of Rejection

He ran as fast as he could. No one was chasing him. He was running away but he had no idea where he was supposed to go. He was confused and shocked about what happened. He’s only a kid and he couldn’t understand what he felt. His heart was so heavy, his eyes brimming with tears.

A few minutes ago he was full of excitement about what he just heard. His buddy told him that they can go to their house and play there. He’s been there a few times and he was thrilled about how fun it would be.

“Wait here while I get the toys,” his playmate said. He was standing inside a little room, his eyes fixed on one of the photo frames on the wall.

“Who are you?” The voice was loud and furious.

Then he saw a big man giving him an angry look. “What are you doing here?

It seemed that the man didn’t recognize who he was. The boy was about to tell him that he was the son of his neighbor. But he froze in fear.

“Get out!”

He couldn’t find his playmate to rescue him and tell that man that he was a friend and he was just there to play.

I ran as fast as I could. I was confused.

It took me a long time to understand that feeling. It was the feeling of being rejected.

And it hurts.

Over the years I learned that everyone goes through rejection in one way or another. No one is spared and it is an experience that sometimes pushes us to question our worth. It’s funny how people whom we care so much could make us feel rejected even if they say we are important to them. And the closer we are towards those people, the painful it gets.

How do we deal with rejection?

What I wanted to share in this post are the lessons I learned from the trees during winter. The naked branch on the photo is what you commonly see when the leaves fall off as the climate gets colder. These trees appear so alive with thick foliage in summer. Winter comes and they look dead, their branches sticking out like arthritic fingers. They seemed abandoned and forsaken as if their leaves have given up on them. With the cold wind blowing in a gloomy atmosphere, these trees have all the reasons to hate the world.

But they don’t. What they are going through is not easy but they recognize that winter is inevitable and they can’t stop their leaves to desert them. They stand freezing and exposed as if they lost their dignity. Yet they know that they do not become less than a tree because they remind themselves that they will always remain trees even if their leaves have left them. They never give up because they believe winter shall pass and spring will follow. They may look dead but inside they are alive. They know that life comes from within. And from within they regenerate, unhurriedly growing little buds that transform into new leaves and flowers. Then they say to themselves that they are better trees after surviving the season of rejection.


Until this time I do not know why that man had to drive me away. What I am sure is that I have forgiven him.


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6 thoughts on “031/101 | Season of Rejection

  1. Rejection is indeed not an easy thing to deal with… and you’re right, no one is excused. In fact I’ve been through it so many times – work, friends, and surprisingly even from my family, though not a major major one. I just want to point out that things like that have been set for us and not against us. It is one way of reminding us that we can’t live life with our own strength alone. Through trials, we come to acknowledge God’s greatness, that we can’t live without His mercy.

    • I’m glad to hear something from you. And I couldn’t agree more. I am always blessed to know that I have a God who is there for me and will never reject me as long as I remain in Him. Indeed, He is the source of strength that I could rely on no matter what situation I am in. The world may reject me for whatever reason but I am confident that my God is faithful and will always be there for me.

  2. your post is exactly what i feel right now..when ever click on your blog and read it . It always has a reason now here I”m crying while reading your post..Your the only person i think totally understand me you never judge me and with you I can be who I’m ..No Mask,.
    thanks a lot Kris Lawrence Ancog..

    • Gai, I thank the Lord, my God, that this blog can be a source of encouragement, wisdom, inspiration, or anything that touches the heart and evoke emotions most people tend to keep just to themselves. I want you to know that I am blessed to have known you and I really appreciate every comment you post here. It is a privilege to listen to your stories and learn from them as well. You are a strong woman..and I believe those great lessons you gained from your experiences will help you become better and even more courageous to face the challenges in life.. God knows exactly what you are going through. Remain in Him and follow the path that He wants you to take. In the end, you will understand that all things work together for good. My prayers are with you and may the Lord’s comfort be with you…

  3. maybe,the Lord allowed you to experience this one kris when you were still a kid for you to have something to share in your blog and daghan ma-blessed..heheh! bitaw,i experience like this pod sauna when my art teacher in grade 1 did not post my art works in the class from June to March( naman mi best in arts sauna every month)and always lang jud ang mga bright sa class as ang e feature. For me man gud that time,nindot na kaayo tu and every month ko ma excited hoping ma post akoa-heheh..pero,end nalang sa school year wala jud..i felt rejected jud adto nga time..mao pod tingali why most of the time in my growing up years i think that i can’t be better than others jud..na hurt jud ko adto da! but anyway…nakasabot raman pod ko why…basin lang jud tingali,maot jud akong drawing..heheh! (pero diba nindot man akong mga drawings kris nuh? uve seen some and nice man!-heheh) Seriously, at times i feel like this, i always take it as a challenge na looking for the answers of where i can improve this and in what way i can do better..:) At times pod kay murag ma tempt pod ta magself pity because of the feeling of rejection then ana sad mu go in ang pride which is destructive. Let us pray lang jud na those lowly times in our life will be used para ma glorify ang name ni Lord.

    • I believe God did have a purpose in mind when he allowed me to go through that experience. I still remember so vividly what happened that afternoon. I was so embarrassed and the same time confused on why he had to do that to me. Perhaps he was just having a bad day and he just didn’t like to see kids hanging around. I don’t know. Now as an adult, it makes me realize that we should be very careful and sensitive when dealing with kids. Kid’s have feelings just exactly like what adults have and for me that is something that we should keep in mind. I can understand that feeling of rejection you felt as young student who only wants her artistic work to be recognized. I did have similar experience though it wasn’t at school. However, I am so glad that when I was in High School I had a teacher who believed in my creative abilities and gave me a lot of opportunities to explore my imagination especially on things related to arts and creativity. She was a great blessing and I thank the Lord for allowing me to meet her. As for you, I believe it’s not too late. If you want to explore your artistic potential just pray to God and ask Him to give you opportunities to find yourself towards aesthetic expression of what’s inside you. It’s fun. And journey is the reward. Thanks for your comment. It’s greatly appreciated.

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