029/101 | Life’s Operating Manual

I remember a parent telling me that she wished babies were born with an operating manual so that she could have a trustworthy reference especially when she’s having trouble disciplining her kid. I thought that was sensible (even if such idea somehow equates having a baby as something similar to buying new appliance). Then I realized we do have a manual in life. And it is authored by no less than God Himself.

Yes. It’s the Bible.

It holds all the truth we need. It guides, rebukes, inspires, strengthens, teaches, admonishes, explains, warns, edifies, enlightens and contains so much wisdom. When I was a kid I heard from older people that we are not supposed to read the bible because it can make a person psychotic. Now, as an adult, I think such belief is a total lie. How could the word of God cause someone to go mental when, in fact, it contains the wonderful news of salvation through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ?

For the past centuries, there were many people who attempted to eradicate the Bible yet it remains the most published and most read book in the world. Many questioned its accuracy and some even said it contains deceptions rather truth. But where are they now? No one was and will ever succeed in discrediting the word of God.

Remembering back the years in my life, I am all the more encouraged to read the Bible as I have personal experiences that serve as living testimonies of the infallibility and constancy of God’s word.

If you want a true manual on how to operate your life, the Bible is the answer. However, you need to repent from your sins and accept Jesus as your savior. Otherwise, it will never work for you.


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2 thoughts on “029/101 | Life’s Operating Manual

  1. the bible has it all! how to become a good parent,good son,daughter,good businessman,good nurse,good neighbor,good husband,good wife,good steward,good neighbor,etc.etc.it teaches us about sin,forgiveness,love,peace,patience,justice,salvation,it corrects us when we are wrong,it reminds us of how beautiful life is,it gives us direction and wisdom for free,it gives hope,it tames the wildest character of man,it softens the hardest part of him,it gives courage..this book reveal God’s character,explains to us the things seen and unseen,warns us about hell and gives us the good news of heaven,it makes us sure of life after death…basta naa tanan! it knows no limit about life.. A life without God’s direction through the bible is truly meaningless… I am so glad that God loved me first and gave me this wonderful opportunity to own a bible to guide me in this walk of life. 🙂 Praise God.

    • Awesome comment Aileen. I can still remember how I got my first NIV bible. It was really meant for me…but not for long though. I lost it when I came here in NZ and even until now I still miss it. However, I have accepted the wisdom from God that it is not the book itself that’s essential..it’s what it contained. And as long as I keep the word of God in my heart I will never loose it no matter what. It is indeed a tremendous blessing to become a child of God and have that great opportunity to know His will in our lives through His words. May the Lord’s name be glorified!

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