026/101 | A New Beginning

I was having a bad day and I decided I did not want to post anything on my blog. I thought I’ll do it the next day when I feel better. Next day came and I wasn’t feeling good so I had to postpone my next post until days turned into weeks and nothing happened. I’m back to my same old pattern. I’m procrastinating. And I don’t like it.

I was not running out of ideas or inspirations. I would say it was sheer laziness. I refuse to make excuses because I want to take responsibility on bringing this project to completion. Wisdom from the past came knocking once again:

Our abilities, skills and ideas are wasted if we fail to add the right character unto them.  If we want to achieve something, we need to progress from desiring, planning and thinking to actually doing. Our action is what matters.

So, here’s my 26th photo, guys. I was silent for a while and today is a new beginning – just like this bud that’s about to bloom.


Check my other photos under 101 CONTEMPLATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT


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