032/101 | When Flowers Talk

I went for a walk one day and found these flowers in one of my neighbor’s garden. I find the colors and shapes so captivating that I thought these flowers deserve a spot here on my blog. One of the things I do with my photos before posting them is storing them in the queue folder. Then I start reflecting. I sit down and start writing what’s on my mind. Most of the time Continue reading


031/101 | Season of Rejection

He ran as fast as he could. No one was chasing him. He was running away but he had no idea where he was supposed to go. He was confused and shocked about what happened. He’s only a kid and he couldn’t understand what he felt. His heart was so heavy, his eyes brimming with tears.

A few minutes ago he was full of excitement about what he Continue reading

030/101 | Dreams and Dandelions

I was so elated when I took this photo because it’s been a while since I’ve wanted to have my own picture of a dandelion. Looking closely at the puffballs of these lowly plants (I don’t want to call them weeds), I always get captivated by its beauty. Then I imagine those silver tufted seeds blown away by the wind, reaching destinations far and Continue reading

029/101 | Life’s Operating Manual

I remember a parent telling me that she wished babies were born with an operating manual so that she could have a trustworthy reference especially when she’s having trouble disciplining her kid. I thought that was sensible (even if such idea somehow equates having a baby as something similar to buying new appliance). Then I realized we do have a manual in life. And it is authored by no less than God Himself.

Yes. It’s the Bible.

It holds all the truth we need. It guides, rebukes, inspires, strengthens, teaches, admonishes, explains, warns, edifies, enlightens and contains so much wisdom. When I was a kid I heard from older people that we are not supposed to read the bible because it can make a person psychotic. Now, as an adult, I think such belief is a total lie. How could the word of God cause someone to go mental when, in fact, it contains the wonderful news of salvation through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ?

For the past centuries, there were many people who attempted to eradicate the Bible yet it remains the most published and most read book in the world. Many questioned its accuracy and some even said it contains deceptions rather truth. But where are they now? No one was and will ever succeed in discrediting the word of God.

Remembering back the years in my life, I am all the more encouraged to read the Bible as I have personal experiences that serve as living testimonies of the infallibility and constancy of God’s word.

If you want a true manual on how to operate your life, the Bible is the answer. However, you need to repent from your sins and accept Jesus as your savior. Otherwise, it will never work for you.


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028/101 | How to Live

When patients choose not to be resuscitated when things don’t go well, I never fail to appreciate the tremendous courage it takes to make such decision. But what amazes me most is when I look into the eyes of the person and I see, behind the pain and struggles they are going through, a paradoxical state of Continue reading

027/101 | Timeline

One winter morning I went for a walk in the woods and brought my camera with me in case I see something interesting worth posting in this project. On my way home I was fascinated by these posts casting shadows as the late morning sun started to feel a bit warmer. Very Continue reading

026/101 | A New Beginning

I was having a bad day and I decided I did not want to post anything on my blog. I thought I’ll do it the next day when I feel better. Next day came and I wasn’t feeling good so I had to postpone my next post until days turned into weeks and nothing happened. I’m back to my Continue reading