023/101 | Seasons of Change

When I was still in elementary I can’t wait to go to high school so that my sister would stop saying I’m still a pupil. When I was in high school I was so excited to graduate so that I could go to college and study in the city. When I was doing my nursing training I was so eager to get my diploma so that I could take the board exam and become a professional nurse. After I got my nursing license I couldn’t wait to leave the Philippines and explore the other parts of the world. Then I was blessed to have the opportunity to work here in New Zealand. I had a fantastic journey so far.

Looking at this photo this evening, I asked myself: Did I take time to enjoy the seasons of my life? Did I seize the beauty of every experience that comes only once?

My high school years were full of fun and craziness and I had awesome memories. When I was in the university I was a bit serious with my studies (yes I know I’m always serious with almost everything) but I found the level of maturity that brought to me profound realizations on life and relationships. Working as a nurse far away from home taught me to be truly independent. And I have grown spiritually more than ever before.

I would say it’s a great blessing to have such amazing experiences. I learned that I have to take responsibility of my own happiness. I realized that each day in my life is a wonderful opportunity to fulfill the purpose of my existence. I discovered that I do not have to stress myself over what’s going to be my future as long as I am giving my best and doing the right things in my present. I have found the truth that apart from God my life is meaningless.

At twenty five I knew that I am in a new season where I have to let go of some things too – just like the way the trees allow their leaves to fall before winter.


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