022/101 | Clipping On

Wellington is such a windy place that I have to make sure my clothes are secured with clippers or pegs when I hang them on the clothesline to dry. I know it’s a bit weird but I like watching my pants and shirts dancing in the wind full of vivacity. I prefer to assume they enjoy it rather than think that they are struggling and hanging on so they won’t fall.

But what if they are like us? What if they also struggle? I’m getting even weirder now that I’m talking as though my clothes have lives of their own. I suppose the real question is: what keeps us holding on at times when we are blown by the wind of problems and difficulties? Do we have clippers that will make us safe and stay in the clothesline of life?

I have.

I may not be able to tell you all my stories on how I survived through the challenges I had but I’d definitely don’t want to miss telling you that I gained victory and became a much better person because of Jesus Christ, my Lord and my ‘clipper’. There were times when I get disappointed. And sure there were moments I got hurt. At times I get drained. There were times when I just can’t help but cry, feeling like I want to give up.

But I didn’t give up.

Because God never gave up on me. He has strengthened me and breathed hope unto me. I got up and knew that I am not alone in my battles for the Lord is with me and He will hold on to me no matter what – just like the clipper.

If my clothes indeed struggle with the Wellington wind I am comforted that they are alright because they have clippers. I pray you have a clipper in your life too.


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