021/101 | Imperfection

When we take a look at a smooth white sheet of paper with a very tiny dot on it we are likely to notice more of the dot rather than how clean the rest of sheet is. Even in life most people remember what’s not nice in a person instead of the good qualities the person has. In relationships, it seems easier to recall how someone hurt us rather than how someone made us happy. And most probably you would easily recognize what’s wrong with the lemon in the photo and think it’s not a very good fruit.

Why is that?

Whatever the reason, I believe the world is much better when we start a change of attitude from being so critical and sarcastic to becoming appreciative of what is essential and admirable.

That lemon may not look perfect but I assure you it’s fine on the inside. And that’s what’s more important!

[ ***grinning. I’m not angry. Just trying to speak up in behalf of that poor lemon in our backyard. ]


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