020/101 | Design and Plan

I am always fascinated by pine cones. They look gorgeous as Christmas decorations and I just find their shape so attractive. Oftentimes I look on the scalar arrangement for minutes with amazement. And every time I see something pleasing to my eyes I also can’t help but give credit to the maker or designer of such beautiful creation.

Humans may be able to imitate and produce artificial conifer cones but no one has the ability to create a real one. God is the designer of these cones and I would definitely say He is worthy of the praises that I am giving Him not just because of what He has done in my life but also on the way He reveals Himself through His creations. He must be so intelligent for even just making and designing these cones. Then something dawned on me:  If God did this to the cones, how much more would He be so enthusiastic about the design of our lives? As a Christian I believe that the Lord has a wonderful plan for each one of us.

I remember the way I prayed to Him in the past. When I had opportunities right in front of me I normally examine each of them and decide which one is the best. Then I tell God in prayer to “bless” my decision and allow things to happen without any hitch. Perhaps whilst reading the preceding two sentences you would say “That’s the way to go.”

Is it?

If I have truly accepted God as someone who has the infinite wisdom and perfect knowledge on what’s best for me, am I in the position to dictate God on what He is supposed to do in my life by asking Him to “bless” and do the things that I believe is best for me? Please don’t get me wrong. And I do not intend to start a debate here. My point is this: If I have accepted the fact that God knows much better than me, I should be asking Him about His specific plan in my life and do the things that lead to the fulfillment of that plan. True submission to the will of God is making decisions based on what He is telling us to do rather than based on what we think we should do. We might be convinced that we are smart therefore we should operate our lives by leaning on our own understanding. Well, I’m afraid we are not smart enough, mate! If we were, we should have no wrong decisions.

Why do I have the courage to say these? It’s because I have experienced it. The good decisions I’ve done my life are those I made after I have clearly received wisdom from the Lord that they were the ones I should take (even if I had no idea what’s going to happen next and I initially thought  they weren’t the best). I do not have regrets over those decisions. In fact I am even happier and ecstatic that I have a God who can guide me.

Now if you are going to ask me how you are going to find out the plan of the Lord in your life, this is my answer for you:

You need to have a deep personal relationship with Him. It will never happen unless you repent from your sins and accept Jesus Christ as your savior. The faith that saves is not the one that simply recognizes that God exists and that He is good and can answer our prayers. True faith leads to action. Embrace it and you will be amazed by the grace and love the Lord is offering you.


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