019/101 | Seeing the Blossom

“In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.” – Albert Schweitzer

I couldn’t agree more. I’ve seen this happen in a lot of people – just in different forms. It’s sad to witness how others have spent all their time and effort just to get one thing without even realizing the wonderful blessing they have in their lives. They have so much yet they still feel they only have so little. I believe that happiness and contentment will be within our reach the moment we begin to change our focus towards the essentials and the things we have rather than on the wants and the things we do not have.


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4 thoughts on “019/101 | Seeing the Blossom

  1. wow..i really appreciate this one. It reminds me of the story of a dog who is biting a bone into his mouth but when he crossed in the bridge he saw his own reflection in the water below. The dog,thinking that it must be another dog with a bone wants to have it also(selfish man xa nga doggie),so he barked trying to scare the dog in the water but only to find out that it was his own reflection,so as a result,the bone fell into the water and he lost his bone and went home hungry.. :). He could have been contented unta nuh?naa pa unta iya bone..iya happiness.tsk tsk tsk! Sometimes, I’m also like the dog in the story–but at times i am tempted to feel like this, God always reminds me of His word in the bible that true contentment is in Him at all times and in all circumstances.. 🙂

    • Nice story. And again it’s worth a separate blog post. Thanks for appreciating. I particularly like the way the petals of the flowers are focused. And of course the color is stunning.

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