Chicken Afritada

If you love saucy dishes then we have a thing in common. I haven’t done my grocery yet and what’s left in my freezer is the chicken tenderloin I bought last week. I’ve been mulling over a good chicken recipe until I stumbled upon Jun Belen’s Blog with a very appealing photo of Chicken Afritada. I was feeling a bit unwell since yesterday (thanks to my sore throat and stuffed nose plus a little barking every now then) but I couldn’t resist the thought of eating a very good Filipino meal – which meant I really have to cook (there’s no Filipino restaurant here unfortunately).

This recipe is really worth five stars. I like the potatoes being grilled first (I added some carrots as well). And you have no idea how good the sauce was. It’s simply glorious!

Now I can have my lunch.

2 thoughts on “Chicken Afritada

    • Thanks for your comment. I’m in Wellington, New Zealand. There’s a Filipino Store somewhere in Lower Hutt but it’s far from the city where I live. So I really have to cook my own Filipino food. Otherwise, I can order but it’s too much of a hassle (you have to do it at least a day before – not to mention the price).

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