015/101 | A Bookworm’s Confession

I’m a self-proclaimed bookworm.

But when I was still very young I couldn’t grasp why reading those thick books with dull texts and absolutely no pictures could be entertaining. Later I came to know people call those little fat books as novel. I was in high school when some of my female classmates describe events from stories of a novel as if they were first hand witnesses. That didn’t encourage me to read though.  My high school English teacher once handed me a novel. He told me to read the first chapter and asked me to tell him what I have understood. It was intimidating and I felt like my intelligence was put to test.  That experience convinced me that I’m not really a book person.

I would say I was fearful then. I didn’t want to attempt reading books aside from those required at school because I was afraid I won’t be able to comprehend enough and that would make my life stressful. I’ve read a few lines from a novel that was collecting dust in our shelf and it looked strange – not to mention the words which were unfathomable as if the author merely intends to show off and confuse the readers with a gymnastic play of strange terms. Besides, I thought I was busy enough with a lot of “extra-curricular activities” so “why bother?” So I didn’t read much until I was on my first year of nursing training when a classmate mentioned about a particular book she loved. She seemed so passionate about what she was talking about and her obsession with books was utterly infectious.

And I guess I was infected. Fortunately.

How did it happen?

She gave me that book she was crazy about and assured me it’s going to make me want some more. Trusting her completely, I took the book with me and started reading. After finishing the first chapter I couldn’t believe every single statement of the narrator and characters of the story was crystal clear. I should say the author’s writing style was plain and simple – totally different from my previous assumption that the essence of being a writer is to use jargons and complicated phrases to get their works worthy for publishing. Halfway through the book I experienced this what I call as ‘reader’s euphoria’  where I just couldn’t put the book down and I didn’t  mind eating my meals late just to find out ‘what’s going to happen next’. I finished the book and felt like I just opened a box of incredible gift that multiplies marvelous things deep inside my soul. From that day onwards I didn’t stop reading.

What benefits am I enjoying from reading books?  If you only want a one-word answer, that would be LEARNING. I learn a lot and that’s what makes it pleasurable. I delight on how my mind is stimulated and sometimes stirred by ideas I never thought existed. Just turning the last page of a good book is a breath-taking moment for me. The gratification it gives is so tremendous I would get pleasantly thunderstruck for a few minutes.

Now you know the reason why I couldn’t help but post this photo for my project.


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