014/101 | Grass and Persistence

It’s getting colder in Wellington. Winter is undeniably here and I terribly miss summer. I remember three years ago when I was still in the Philippines and I used to dream of a place that’s air-conditioned twenty-four-seven. Should I say this is a dream come true? I guess it’s more than that – given the fact that nature has been so generous to drop the temperature below ten degrees.  Sometimes it’s freezing to the point wherein simply doing domestic chores requires a bit of courage and inspiration. It’s almost a temptation to make that as an excuse not to keep on posting for this project. But I know it’s unreasonable.

So here it is. My photo for today is another grass. Grass again? I’m sorry if that may be a little disappointing. But hey, this comes with a nice quote by Hal Borland:

“Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence.”

Persistence! Just exactly what I needed. This is my fourteenth post for this project and I honestly admit that I sometimes feel like I’m not that motivated. Thanks to this grass near my flat for pushing me to carry on. After all, motivation is not the one that makes us able to achieve results – what we do is what matters.

If you believe that you have the right reasons and good/godly intentions, keep pressing on. If you feel like giving up even you know you are in the right track, that’s okay. There’s no harm in embracing that emotion. Experience the frustration, hurt, disappointment and recognize that it’s alright to feel bad. But of course you don’t stop there. After you’re done crying (if you feel like you need to) gather all your strength and rise above what you are going through.  Then you’ll see yourself soaring like an eagle.

Don’t forget. Be persistent like the grass.


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2 thoughts on “014/101 | Grass and Persistence

  1. after i started reading your blog i took it as my daily vitamins….im looking forward for another one..thanks a lot kris….

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