025/101 | Real Wall Posts

If you get a chance to use my laptop computer inside my room you’ll find these little post-it notes right in front of you. I started doing this when I was listening to a sermon online and I wanted to get myself reminded of Continue reading


The Blue Butterfly

The Blue Butterfly by Kris Ancog, Acrylic on Canvas, 24x36 inches

This painting is about dreams and miracles. The inspiration for this comes from the touching story of a little boy who was terminally ill. His final wish was to catch a blue butterfly in the rain forest. In the end, he found healing and was able to see life in a totally different perspective.

024/101 | Meet Mr. Chef

My mom bakes a lot and I still think it’s amazing how she could tell that her cake is ready to come out of the oven by simply smelling and looking at it. Yes. She doesn’t use a timer or alarm of some sort. It never works for me though. That’s why this wee thing that was given to me as a Christmas present last year proved very helpful in my baking adventures.

Meet Mr. Chef.

Twist his bottom and stop at the mark that says how long you want him ticking. Then he’ll definitely get your attention by screaming at you so loud (without fail) when time is up – just letting you know that you have to decide whether or not you want to burn your cake. As you can see, he doesn’t look very happy (as he never smiles) but I can attest he’s doing his job pretty well.  And because of that I want to give him recognition by posting this photo of him sitting on our ancestral oven that’s probably older than my parents.

Mr. Chef is really cool. And I realized I am blessed with cool people similar to him that gives me prompts when I’m about to overdo something in my life. They don’t wear hats but they are sure to shout at me (in a gentle and nice way) when they know I have to stop and rethink things before I make big decisions that may hurt or disappoint me. They are called family and true friends (real friends who genuinely care for me).

But there is someone even way cooler than Mr. Chef, family and true friends. His name is Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. He provides me not just reminders and warnings but also guidance and wisdom that I may be able to lead a fulfilling life. To Him I lift all my prayers and I do all things to glorify His name.


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023/101 | Seasons of Change

When I was still in elementary I can’t wait to go to high school so that my sister would stop saying I’m still a pupil. When I was in high school I was so excited to graduate so that I could go to college and study in the city. When I was doing my nursing training I was so eager to get my diploma so that I could take the board exam and become a professional nurse. After I got my nursing license I couldn’t wait to leave the Philippines and explore the other parts of the world. Then I was blessed to have the opportunity to work here in New Zealand. I had a fantastic journey so far.

Looking at this photo this evening, I asked myself: Did I take time to enjoy the seasons of my life? Did I seize the beauty of every experience that comes only once?

My high school years were full of fun and craziness and I had awesome memories. When I was in the university I was a bit serious with my studies (yes I know I’m always serious with almost everything) but I found the level of maturity that brought to me profound realizations on life and relationships. Working as a nurse far away from home taught me to be truly independent. And I have grown spiritually more than ever before.

I would say it’s a great blessing to have such amazing experiences. I learned that I have to take responsibility of my own happiness. I realized that each day in my life is a wonderful opportunity to fulfill the purpose of my existence. I discovered that I do not have to stress myself over what’s going to be my future as long as I am giving my best and doing the right things in my present. I have found the truth that apart from God my life is meaningless.

At twenty five I knew that I am in a new season where I have to let go of some things too – just like the way the trees allow their leaves to fall before winter.


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 Title: Serenity

Medium: Acrylic                                                                                                                                   

Size: 24 x 36 inches x 2


I was watching The Last Samurai when I realized I wanted to make a painting of a place that has something ‘spiritual’ where one finds ‘a small measure of peace’. I started this painting about two months ago and managed to finish it only last week. I just had those moments when I have to wait for more than a week to turn the inspiration deep within into an art form.

Peace be with you.

022/101 | Clipping On

Wellington is such a windy place that I have to make sure my clothes are secured with clippers or pegs when I hang them on the clothesline to dry. I know it’s a bit weird but I like watching my pants and shirts dancing in the wind full of vivacity. I prefer to assume they enjoy it rather than think that they are struggling and hanging on so they won’t fall.

But what if they are like us? What if they Continue reading

021/101 | Imperfection

When we take a look at a smooth white sheet of paper with a very tiny dot on it we are likely to notice more of the dot rather than how clean the rest of sheet is. Even in life most people remember what’s not nice in a person instead of the good qualities the person has. In relationships, it seems easier to recall how someone hurt us rather than how Continue reading