013/101 | For My Auntie

I’d like to dedicate this flower to my Auntie who passed away in 2009.

And with this photo I’d like to share the words contained in one of my letters for her before she died. I know this is very personal. But I still want to share this to you guys with a pure intention to give the same message to anyone who’s going through a rough journey in life. My Aunt suffered a rare condition called Olivopontocerebellar Atrophy and I admire her extraordinary courage and strength during the last few years of her life.

Dear Auntie,

You might have asked God many times why he gave you all these difficulties. Perhaps, you felt He is quite unfair because he allowed you to suffer this way. This is a normal reaction and I’m telling you that there are no wrong feelings. I won’t ever attempt to stop you from having feelings of unfairness for I understand that you are a human being designed with the ability to be disheartened, distressed and lament over the painful and inescapable realities of life. As for me, I don’t have complete understanding on the WHYs because I have accepted the fact that these are beyond comprehension until God gives us the wisdom to understand his purpose and will.

No matter how excruciating and unacceptable the circumstances life may present to us, always remember that God is too kind to be cruel, too wise to commit a mistake and too deep to reveal himself.

When I have my own difficulties, I put my whole trust unto Him because I know somewhere along the journey I will be thankful for the trials he is giving me. It’s so refreshing to realize that we have a God who accepts us no matter how sinful we are, cares for us immeasurably, love us unconditionally and strengthen us that we may learn to dust off when we stumble and begin to walk once again under His guidance.

Though the Lord does not tolerate sin, He is not a punitive God; he is slow to anger and abounding in love. He is ready to forgive us even if we might think our sins are unforgivable. Heaven will rejoice in one soul who surrenders his life to Jesus Christ and repent from the mistakes he had done. Cast all your anxieties to Him because he cares for you more than you ever know. Accept him as your personal savior and you will experience the comfort that no human being could give. Find rest in the Lord and begin to understand that there is a different type of healing that he wants you to have – a deep spiritual healing and renewal … a gift that you will never lose ‘till eternity.

I can see that you are in a difficult battle. But let me remind you that you are still here because you are surviving the test. It’s never easy to be where you are right now and yet you are still there – fighting and surviving. I know there may be times when you may become depressed on how things turned out and you feel defeated because things seem to get worse. Let me tell you that you might lose a battle, but that doesn’t mean that you lost the war! Take heart and keep in mind that you are exceptional because you exude a remarkable strength despite all these hardships that may have stirred your soul.

Life must go on as what is happening in you at this very moment. To achieve a quality life you must first be determined to help yourself. Then Count your blessings and start to see the brighter side of things. Remember the good memories that brought joy in your heart and keep reminding yourself that you still have your family. You are given by God the wonderful opportunity to express your love to your children and husband in any way you can and to let them know that they are the brightest stars in your universe.

Though easier said than done, learn to forgive yourself (for the mistakes you have done) and the people who hurt you. This might take time but it’s possible. That way, you will find peace. Start developing a positive outlook, where you will prove to the world that you are a winner who is and who will never be defeated by any trial. Make it a vision that in the end you leave a lasting legacy that brings hope and encouragement to everyone who witnessed how you made it to live life wonderfully in the midst of difficulties.

Before I end this letter, I want you to promise me one thing. Promise me that you will never forget that, even if the whole world turns against you, there will always be one person who will listen for you and will never forsake you… and will continue to remind you that if you put God as the highest priority in your life, you will experience lasting peace and happiness that’s greater than any wonders the world can offer.

That person is me.



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2 thoughts on “013/101 | For My Auntie

  1. for sure..nalipay jud imong auntie aning letter kris.. I saw her in Ramiro before she passed away.Her eyes were very much expressive,as if she wants to tell you something…I remember her so well..she had difficulty communicating by that time already then mao na tu xa last nga na admit xa sa hospital..but naaman si Pastor Awing that time..nag room to room visit and nagevangelize..

    • I was already in New Zealand when she passed away. But my mom told me that a Christian friend came to her and shared about God’s love and salvation. It was comforting for me to know that. And I’m hoping she’s happy this time after all the sufferings she went through from her illness.

      Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it.

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