011/101 | Commitment

Each day I always think of what photo I’m going to post. I guess the challenge in this project is more on what I’m going to write about the pictures rather than the act of taking photos itself. And sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like my level of enthusiasm is in a trough level that is insufficient to get my brain working. I catch myself staring blankly at my laptop screen wondering how I would make sense in my blog. I do not believe this is neither boredom nor uninspiration (a term I just made up). I am convinced this is part of the journey where my commitment is tested.

I can’t believe how empty my brain feels while writing this. Normally there’s this surge of energy that fires up my mind, so compelling and driving me to something closer to borderline insanity and making me see the magic of artistic creation. But today is just one of those days. It’s cold and I am mentally dehydrated. Perhaps I’m just tired. Excuses.

I will be very honest to tell you that this post is mainly out of commitment. Anyway, this is the grass I saw in my neighbor’s lawn on my way to Lyall Bay. Or is it even a grass? I thought it’s beautiful.

I found this saying by Mother Teresa and I hope this will brighten your day along with this photo of a grass.


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