010/101 | First Impression

I was in Lyall Bay this week and went to a café for my dose of hot chocolate. Then this banana cake got my attention while I was standing in front of their wide freestanding pastry case. I noticed two layers of chocolate frosting and it looked so appealing that I immediately decided to have one slice. I was filled with excitement and imagined a deliciously moist banana cake I always wanted.

After taking this photo, I had my first bite. The sweetness of the frosting was just right and it was blended so well that it smoothly melts in your mouth. Those mixed nuts sprinkled on top made it look delectable and indeed added some decadence. You could recognize the banana immediately once the cake reaches your tongue however the cake itself was surprisingly dry and fairly desiccated. That didn’t quite match my expectation and somehow it halted the crescendo of my gustatory experience.

That cake reminds me of things in life that seem so attractive yet aren’t really as good as they seem to be. With “things” I mean anything – like job opportunities, advertised products or service, even people. I’m not going to talk about discernment here but I just thought this is a reality and we need to be very careful with our choices, especially life changing ones.

Anyway, I finished the whole piece and still managed to enjoy it. It challenged me to bake one myself this week and really make sure that it’s going to be moist and soft – just exactly as what a good banana cake should be.


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