008/101 | Tower of Dreams

Looking back a few years ago, I once had that strong desire to work as a nurse in America. So I decided to take the IELTS, NCLEX and apply for an assessment of my degree through CGFNS, which took me over a year to complete. But look at where I am right now? I’m working as a nurse. However, I’m in New Zealand, not America.

Did I achieve my dream? I contemplated about this and asked myself many times: what is my real dream?

To live and work in America.

I thought it was. For me (and I do not have any intention to start an argument here), nursing in America was the generic dream of majority of Filipino nurses. And I was part of that majority. Then I realized it wasn’t my dream after all. Behind that desire to work there is the real thing. What I truly wanted was to explore the world, discover the wonders I’m sure I couldn’t find in the Philippines, and create in me the person God wanted me to be. I don’t have to be in America to achieve this.

Feeling so small whilst standing in Lambton Quay and taking this photo of a high rise building, I wondered how it feels to work in an office there at the highest floor. Then I remembered the view from our staff room when I was still working in the Medical Ward. It was breathtaking. I smiled and said to myself: I do not have to be in that building to see the beauty of Wellington. I guess I’m meant to be in another building and get the same experience.

To say I am living my dream is somewhat an understatement. I knew the purpose of my existence at this stage in my life and fulfilling it is actually even MORE than achieving my dream.

And it’s awesome!


4 thoughts on “008/101 | Tower of Dreams

  1. I agree. Sometimes I really ask forgiveness from God because I question him every night. I always ask why did he brought me here in NZ. Leaving everything behind in the Philippines was and is never an easy task. However, I realized that life begins when I’m out of my comfort zone and turning the thought of “possibility” into “responsibility.” There are many things I really don’t quite understand…but I know within that God is always wiser than me and of us all. 🙂

    By the way kuya, I changed my web address into ivanocampo7107.wordpress.com. Just discard the old one nlng po. Nice blog as always kuya Kris.:-)

  2. Hi Ivan, nice to hear your thoughts and thanks for appreciating. That’s a wonderful realization you have about God’s wisdom. In my life I learned that it’s okay to question God as long as we do it with pure intention to understand and know His will (and not grumbling). Believe me He has a purpose why you are here in NZ. Keep on praying for wisdom and you will eventually be truly grateful and immensely blessed that he has brought you here.

  3. Stumbled upon kindred spirits here :-). Wonderful blog, Kris. You certainly share a different ‘lens’ and thought-provoking perspective to the mundane and ordinary things (and thoughts) I at times take for granted. Great photos too!

    • Thanks for dropping by. And much more for the comment. It’s a joy for me to share those insights and reflections which helped me find purpose and meaning to every “ordinary” things I encounter in my life, hoping that it would do the same magic to someone who reads my posts.

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