006/101 | Pendant Lights

I always look forward to spending quiet time in coffee shops whenever I have a day off. Ironically, I do not drink coffee there. I drink hot chocolate. And in those solemn moments I write on my journal. Yes. Journal. It’s very therapeutic especially for someone like me who spontaneously ask questions about almost everything. Putting my queries into writing is a vehicle for me to find the answers I’m searching. And I literally mean that.

You won’t find this in my journal but I’ve been wondering: why do pendant lamps create that calm and relaxed atmosphere in coffee shops and reception areas? I know this may sound like one of those why questions kids ask. I guess I just want to share what’s in my mind. Perhaps the real question is: What good experiences do you remember when you gaze at the soft light coming from those pendant lamps?

As for me, it takes me back to those years when I was still doing my nursing training. I love sitting in the living room at three o’clock in the morning when everyone is asleep. It was magical just staring at my brother’s mermaid painting illuminated by the soft light from the patio. My mind wanders, taking me to surreal time and space filled with magnificence and splendor.

I was not hallucinating. I was using the gift of imagination.


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