004/101 | Book of Days

Moving on is possible when you decide to forgive the other person and yourself.

She killed my heart.

That’s a hyperbole!


But what I would like to say is that this entry of my journal always evokes a sense of surprise and amazement each time I read it. I just can’t believe I have written these words. I find the honesty utterly astounding behind such an intense emotion. It is a summative recollection of my relationship back when I was still a teenager.  I actually had second thoughts whether I should post this under my project but the urge to demonstrate courage prevailed. It may be very personal but I want to share this to everyone: moving on is possible when you decide to forgive the other person and yourself.

You are probably wondering why it still appeared in my journal now that I’m 25, when I’m supposed to have moved on. I remember writing this when I was meditating on my past relationship, attempting to understand what truly happened and how we ended up hurting each other. We both know the answers and the fact that we are still friends is so refreshing.

Despite the hurt which seemed tremendously overwhelming before, I still thank the Lord for the experience – not for the pain but for the growth, wisdom and comfort He gave me during those difficult times. At the moment, I have made the decision to allow God to hold the pen of my life and write my love story.


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