The Inception

What’s the single, most satisfying thing that we can do in life?

My classmate in college once asked me this question and it took me a while to respond. I can’t think of just one thing. And I thought there should be no universal answer for that question because every person is totally different from each other.

She looked at me with the kind of excitement as though she figured out something that the rest of the world does not know.

“What is it?” I asked, curious about what kind of ‘smart’ answer she had in mind.

“Scratching an itch.”

It made sense to me. Even while writing this post, I am still convinced that scratching an itch in our body is indeed very satisfying. I guess everyone can relate to that. However, while reading this post, you may be wondering: what’s the connection between an itch and photography? Well, I’ve been having this litany for the past few weeks:

I want to be a better photographer.

I want to have a stronger motivation to blog.

I wanted to do something different.

I want to do something I’ll look back in future with sense of achievement.

I want to share my thoughts on ordinary things and how they make sense in our lives.

I wanted to write.

I want to be creative.

Yes. I desire so many things and I feel like it’s an “itch” that I should scratch.

So that’s how the idea of this project came along. I am so thrilled by even just realizing that doing this project alone could ‘satisfy’ all those ‘wants’.

For this year, I’ll be posting 101 photos of things we see around us and my thoughts on my subjects as well as on the process of achieving my goals. The plan is to post at least two photos every week with corresponding reflective notes.

Why 101?

Two reasons.  1.) I want my project to be a little bit different from the usual “365 photos” wherein one has to post a photo each day in a year. My goal is more on the quality of my posts rather than quantity. And since this is my first project, 101 resembles that basic course freshmen normally take when they enter university. 2.) 101 is less overwhelming and I am convinced that starting a smaller project is more realistic for someone like me who do a lot of other stuffs on top of photography.

I hope you’ll enjoy seeing what happens when one scratches an artistic itch.


6 thoughts on “The Inception

  1. Hahahah! a special kind of itchiness.. Reminds me of my tormenting allergies. If I were to choose between pain and itch, I’d rather choose pain 100x more than itchiness.

    • He he he.. what you had was indeed a different kind of itchiness. It can get you mad and make you feel helpless to some degree. I hope you are feeling better now. I prayed for you.

  2. Thanks kris..better than before but I take antihistamine tabs before eating..saksi jud si kevin sa akong kasakit..huhuh!

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