013/101 | For My Auntie

I’d like to dedicate this flower to my Auntie who passed away in 2009.

And with this photo I’d like to share the words contained in one of my letters for her before she died. I know this is very personal. But I still want to share this to you guys with a pure intention to give the same message to anyone who’s going through a rough journey in life. My Aunt suffered a rare condition called Olivopontocerebellar Atrophy and I admire her extraordinary courage and strength during the last few years of her life.

Dear Auntie, Continue reading


012/101 | Differently The Same

Fauve artist Henry Matisse once said: The wall around the window does not create two worlds.

Whilst taking this photo in Newtown, a Filipino chaff asked me what my subject is. He gave me that confused look as if I was seeing something invisible to him. I told him I was taking pictures of Continue reading

011/101 | Commitment

Each day I always think of what photo I’m going to post. I guess the challenge in this project is more on what I’m going to write about the pictures rather than the act of taking photos itself. And sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like my level of enthusiasm is in a trough level that is insufficient to get my brain working. I catch myself staring blankly at my laptop screen wondering how I would make sense in my blog. I do not believe this is neither Continue reading

010/101 | First Impression

I was in Lyall Bay this week and went to a café for my dose of hot chocolate. Then this banana cake got my attention while I was standing in front of their wide freestanding pastry case. I noticed two layers of chocolate frosting and it looked so appealing that I immediately decided to have one slice. I was filled with excitement and Continue reading

009/101 | The Baby’s World

This is Arcelih and she’s so cute.

I thought I should say that first. This picture makes me wonder why God designed our minds not to retain the memories we had when we were still babies. I’m trying to imagine how it feels to be so little and unable to speak. It must be frustrating at times. And I’m also thinking about making the first few attempts to walk unaided by my parents. Would I have been nervous or just plain excited to see people around me cheering and animated as if they’ve seen a spectacular show and I was the star? One thing I find so strange is that they seem to be in a totally different world that’s so unfamiliar to me even if I’ve been there before.

While composing this post I’m recreating a scene twenty five years ago when I was still a few months old. Closing my eyes as my mind time travels, I can feel that I wasn’t afraid. I can see my tiny little fingers making a grip unto my mother’s thumb. Her eyes speak a subtle language of joy and awe. It’s like a dream especially when she smiles when I smile. She looks tired and it’s dark outside but she doesn’t seem to mind. She makes me feel that she’s always there for me and she’s going to figure out what is going on when my face get’s tensed and become wet with something salty coming from my eyes. Then I see my father. So gently, he says something to my mother and then he picks me up. Then I close my eyes again, knowing deep inside my heart that I am safe and loved.

Even if I don’t have any idea what really took place during that time I am sure of this: my parents looked after me so well and loved me unconditionally.

And I thank the Lord for giving me those two coolest people in my world.


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008/101 | Tower of Dreams

Looking back a few years ago, I once had that strong desire to work as a nurse in America. So I decided to take the IELTS, NCLEX and apply for an assessment of my degree through CGFNS, which took me over a year to complete. But look at where I am right now? I’m working as a nurse. However, I’m in New Zealand, not America.

Did I achieve my dream? I contemplated about this and asked myself many times: what is my real dream?

To live and work in America.

I thought it was. For me (and I do not have any intention to start an argument here), nursing in America was the generic dream of majority of Filipino nurses. And I was part of that majority. Then I realized it wasn’t my dream after all. Behind that desire to work there is the real thing. What I truly wanted was to explore the world, discover the wonders I’m sure I couldn’t find in the Philippines, and create in me the person God wanted me to be. I don’t have to be in America to achieve this.

Feeling so small whilst standing in Lambton Quay and taking this photo of a high rise building, I wondered how it feels to work in an office there at the highest floor. Then I remembered the view from our staff room when I was still working in the Medical Ward. It was breathtaking. I smiled and said to myself: I do not have to be in that building to see the beauty of Wellington. I guess I’m meant to be in another building and get the same experience.

To say I am living my dream is somewhat an understatement. I knew the purpose of my existence at this stage in my life and fulfilling it is actually even MORE than achieving my dream.

And it’s awesome!

007/101 | What Matters Most


That’s what I was thinking when I took this photo last week. If those blocks represent the things that are important to me, what would be that one on the top? Then another similar question popped out in my mind: If I were to give up everything in my life, what would be the last thing I’ll let go?


That was my answer before. And I find it amazing how it changed over the years. I love my family – no doubt about that.  But there’s one thing even more precious than them.


I can’t imagine my life without God.